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Sonic Wings 2 [a.k.a. Aero Fighters 2] (Arcade)

Aero Fighters 2 is a vertical-scrolling shoot 'em up arcade game released in 1994 by Video System.

The game is played with two buttons, with the A button firing projectiles from the plane and the B button launching a special bomb attack which uses a bomb from a limited stock of bombs. Power projectiles can be obtained by destroying buildings and armored enemy planes. There are two types of Power projectiles: "P" Power projectiles, that increase the plane's firepower by one level, and "F" Power projectiles, that increase the plane's firepower to the maximum level instantly. The maximum level only lasts for a limited number of shots. When certain ground enemies and buildings are destroyed, money bonuses appear which give a set number of points based on how fast you destroy them and how quickly you collected the bonus. When the player reaches the end of the stage, the player has to face a boss ship. There are ten levels. Once those levels are beaten, there is a character-specific ending. The game then loops with palette changes, but after the looped stages are beaten, the game truly ends.

Source: Wikipedia

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